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You are thinking about a boudoir session? YAY! These are my favorite sessions, My mission is to uplift you through self love. Each session is crafted to create an empowering experience and develop a new appreciation for your body.

Booking a boudoir session can be scary and hard to do. I always hear "I need to lose some weight," "I don't like the way I look."

My sessions are designed for you to appreciate your body in the present, as you are right now.

What would you expect in a session with me?

I strive to create an environment that is comfortable for everyone! Prepare to come for a fun and relaxed experience that will have you feeling like your best self!

I will walk you through posing and we will listen to your favorite music to help you feel more relaxed and most likely share some laughs during the session!

Sessions vary in time depending on what you would like and how many outfit changes.

I do offer hair and make up for an add on if you would like as well.

I am so excited to meet you and have some fun!

Life is too short, book the photoshoot.